Gluten Free Pizza Giveaway From Smart Flour Foods

by Caterina Borg, Good Food Gourmet on January 22, 2016

Smart_Flour_Foods_Chicken_Sausage_PizzaFor many, the choice to switch to a gluten free diet is generally made out of necessity — albeit a very serious one. For those who suffer with the debilitating Celiac disease or malaise resulting from gluten sensitivity, the symptoms and discomfort are all too real. If not managed early on, the long term prognosis for sufferers isn’t good — prolonged inflammation has been shown to result in colon cancer. This frightening statistic has required many to significantly change their lifestyle and exclude every food product that contains gluten. This may sound easy to do, but it’s not. Things like breads, cakes, pies,  cereals, cookies, crackers and croutons may be the obvious culprits, but how about things like beer, candy, processed lunch meats, salad dressings, sauces/gravies and even oats? Some of these food items are prepared with thickening agents that contain gluten, and others are processed in facilities that manufacture other items that contain gluten. These types of foods can be especially serious because they may not necessarily be something you would ever think of as containing gluten. Even certain medications and vitamins use gluten as a binding agent!

Over the years, those living with the illness slowly began to influence manufacturers by providing statistics and medical information of the growing numbers of those afflicted with the condition, and finally convincing them that this illness was not going away. Gentle nudges turned into a forceful pushes when the demands of the market ballooned to enormous proportions, thus encouraging manufacturers to create a variety of dependable products.

Early on, many manufacturers came to rely heavily on ingredients like rice flour, potato starch and tapioca flour as the base for their products. These ingredients offered little, if any, nutritive value, but did offer textural benefits reminiscent of those we find in conventional baked goods. This was usually the trade off in many of these early gluten free products — and the trade off always seemed to benefit texture at the expense of nutrition.

After attending the Natural Foods Expo last year, I found that many manufacturers are still irresponsibly manufacturing these types of products — why? because we still buy them — but, I’m here to tell you that times are changing.
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