Raising The Bar On Banana Cream Pie

by Caterina Borg, Good Food Gourmet on July 28, 2014

Chocolate Banana Cream Pie, www.goodfoodgourmet.comI love to create versatile dessert recipes that can be put together quickly for the family or slightly tweaked to follow a more elegant meal.  One that fits resoundingly well in this category is something you may not have considered – banana cream pie. You may be more familiar with this type of dessert in a pie shell or a trifle dish, but the fragrantly fermented fruit also lends itself beautifully for more elegant presentations.
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Chocolate Banana Cake With Burnt Caramel Rum Sauce

July 21, 2014
Chocolate Banana Cake with Burnt Caramel Rum Sauce, www.goodfoodgourmet.com

I always have bananas on hand because they are one of those fruits that make a great snack and are so good for you. I’m ashamed to say that in the the summer time, most of them don’t get eaten because there are so many other wonderful fruits to choose from. So in these cases, […]

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A Queen’s Pudding

July 15, 2014

The English are known for their delicious puddings and their pudding cakes. I recently came across one called Queen’s Pudding, which consists of a baked custard that is topped with raspberry jam and meringue. I would consider this more of a bread pudding and not a custard in the traditional sense, because in most cases […]

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New York City Summer Fancy Food Show 2014 – Bigger And Better Than Ever

July 8, 2014
NYC Summer Fancy Food Show 2014

Attending the Summer Fancy Food Show is an event I look forward to every year for so many reasons. This mammoth, bi-coastal production takes place each year in 2 locations — a winter event in San Francisco and a summer show in New York City. It skillfully brings together companies from around the world who […]

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Thin Crust Pizza, Perfect For A Warm Summer Night

June 18, 2014
Thin crust pizza, www.goodfoodgourmet.com

I don’t know of anyone who just doesn’t love a good pizza. Whether it’s a thick crust or a thin one, pizza is a treat you should enjoy at least once a week. I’m the kind of person that likes both types of crusts and sometimes even a deep dish. I enjoy and in fact […]

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Soft Serve Chocolate Custard Ice Cream

June 16, 2014
Soft Serve Chocolate Custard Ice Cream, www.goodfoodgourmet.com

For those of you who follow my blog and posts, you may already know that I do not own an ice cream maker. The reason? It’s just not necessary to make really delicious homemade ice cream. I have made many different flavors of a rich ice cream called semifreddo without the use of an ice […]

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Heavenly Chocolate Stones

June 11, 2014
hemelse stenen dusted with cocoa powder, finished in a pile www.goodfoodgourmet.com

As a food blogger, I’m always looking for great ways to promote the site and connect with other like-minded people who love food as much as I do. Social media networks, like Facebook, are great in helping to accomplish this task.   One of the people I met a few years ago is wonderfully talented […]

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Strawberry Infused Vodka, The Quintessential Liquer

June 9, 2014
homemade strawberry vodka

This isn’t the short version of how to make strawberry liquer — it takes the scenic route by way of the 80’s — so if you’re in a hurry, this may take a while. I lived for a few years in Columbia, Maryland not far from the Merriweather Post Pavillion, which is a concert venue […]

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Steak & Cheese Popover Pancake With Crispy Fried Onion Strings

March 5, 2014
Steak & Cheese Popover Pancake With Crispy Onions, www.goodfoodgourmet.com

I had been craving a steak and cheese sandwich all day, and could not wait to get home to prepare one for dinner. Once home, I realized that there was not even one slice of bread in the house, but I was still determined to make this work, because I just could not hold out […]

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Butternut Squash Lasagna With Port Wine Cheddar Bechamel

March 4, 2014
Butternut Squash Lasagna With Port Wine Cheddar Bechamel, www.goodfoodgourmet.com

I just love to make lasagna. It’s one of those meals that can easily be made to serve a large crowd or one that can be made and pre-portioned into mini meals and enjoyed on busy weeknights. I recently made a traditional version using a slow simmered Bolognese sauce and ricotta using large egg roll […]

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Making Homemade Nutella

February 9, 2014
Homemade Nutella, www.goodfoodgourmet.com

The winter here on the east coast can be quite dangerous—not only because our weather can be so unpredictably cold and snowy but also because when the weather is so terrible, I spend a good bit of my time in the kitchen coming up with new recipes and techniques to share with my loyal readers.  […]

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