The BEST Fluffy Vanilla Frosting

by Caterina Borg, Good Food Gourmet on June 1, 2012

When I was a kid, a quick batch of cupcakes to take to the school bake sale meant a trip to the store to pick up a cake mix and some readymade frosting in a can. In those days, they just had the basic vanilla and chocolate flavors, but nowadays you can get so many others along with some unique ones around the Holidays.

I don’t use cake mixes anymore and I don’t buy the icings in the can…there is nothing like baking something from scratch and making your own icing. This recipe is one that I developed a while ago and it is a spin on my wickedly good chocolate frosting, which is OUT OF THIS WORLD good!

I use more butter in this recipe in order to get the right creamy texture. You can use shortening in up to half of the recipe if you have to…but I wouldn’t use much more than that. The only reason I would use shortening is if you are using the frosting for a cake that may be used for a picnic or any function that may require it to be outside…and if it is warm, the addition of the shortening will help with perishability.

You can adjust the spreadability of the frosting with the addition of the evaporated milk…if you want it thicker add the quantity I have suggested…if you want it thinner/looser, then simply add a little more milk. I prefer to use evaporated milk because it has a nicer flavor compared to regular milk or heavy cream. You can also add other flavored extracts or natural oils to make the flavor anything you want…this is one of those versatile recipes that only needs your imagination to become something that is uniquely yours.

Vanilla Frosting

1½ sticks salted butter, room temp and cut into pieces

11 oz powdered sugar, sifted

1-2 tablespoons real vanilla extract (or use ½ teaspoon vanilla paste)

3-4 tablespoons evaporated milk

Add the butter pieces and the sifted powdered sugar to the bowl of your stand mixer. Using your paddle attachment begin creaming them together then add the vanilla extract (or vanilla paste).

Lastly, add the evaporated milk one tablespoon at a time until you achieve the right consistency. Make sure to scrape down the sides well and mix everything well together before adding more milk.

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