Tender Almond Baby Cakes

by Caterina Borg, Good Food Gourmet on July 31, 2012

Coming up with new and creative individual desserts can sometimes be challenging, especially when you are limited in the amount of time you have to create. My goal was to always have a few really good basic cake recipes on hand that can be turned into just about anything…there’s no sense in having a million different recipes of basically the same thing.

Having said that, I wanted to do something more with an almond cake recipe that I created years ago that uses almond paste. I was first turned onto almond paste many years ago when I vacationed in Austria. I fell in love with these huge moist almond paste bars that were dipped in a rich and sinful dark chocolate. You could find these bars everywhere, but I first discovered them in the kiosks at the airport upon arrival. I was hungry and was a little reluctant to try them, but once I did I was hooked.

I loved it so much that when I got back, I developed this really easy cake batter with absolutely no leavening in it other than eggs. It is meant to be moist and tender yet a little dense and full of almond flavor, and I can honestly say that it’s all of those things.

I use this recipe for many different applications, such as my NYC rainbow bars, and have even used it in opera torte which traditionally uses thin cake layers called jaconde (pronounced zha-kond) made from almond flour.

You can whip up a batch of these little cakes and leave them plain, swirl some raspberry jam in each little cake or even add some chocolate chips…all are delicious, especially the version with the chocolate chips which I added this time around.

Make sure to use some nonstick bake ware to help it along in addition to using a good pan spray. They will pop out really easily. Make these ahead of time and freeze them, they make an absolutely delicious dessert at any time.

Almond Baby Cakes

9.5 oz almond paste (make sure it’s soft and fresh)

8 oz granulated sugar

8 oz salted butter, softened at room temp (if you use unsalted add ½ teaspoon salt)

10 oz eggs

4.5 oz cake flour, sifted

1 cup semisweet chocolate chips (chop in food processor)

Add the almond paste and the sugar to the bowl of your stand mixer and using the paddle attachment process the two together until you have a uniform sandy texture. Next add the softened butter and once it has all been incorporated, slowly add the eggs until you have formed a smooth batter. Next add the sifted flour and mix until well incorporated and no flour is visible. Remove the paddle attachment and using you spatula, make sure the batter is uniform before scooping it into the baby bundt molds.Make sure to spray each non stick mold well, and then using a large 3 oz scoop, add the batter to each mold.

You will make about 8 little bundt that you should then bake at 350°F for about 10-15 minutes until golden brown. Allow them to cool and remove them from the molds and either serve right away with custard, whipped cream or a complimentary sauce and enjoy!

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